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adriano mendes develops design, web and sustainability projects.

o que faço? / what i do?

What We Do.

with the alignment between design, web and sustainability, strong ideas can be transmitting and used without wasting resources. This way we can extract the maximum from the minimum whatever the area that is acting.


as a designer I develop brand projects, branding, visual identity since 2006. Once a designer, always a designer.


i have been working with the internet since 2010 when I realized that this was the natural way from creative. A new world to be decoded. I design websites, applications and everything you can imagine.


specialized in design and web management I have worked in agencies, public companies as well as freelance. My entrepreneurial profile made me selected in incubators and large companies with authorship projects. I love inovate and make new ideas!


I participated in bioconstruction farms, collectives vegetable gardens and I studied the PDC (Permaculture Design Culture) in an recognized institute in Brazil. I developed websites and logos for a agroecology projects ​​ where I was able to combine the three fundamental concepts of my career.


some featuring jobs

funworldtours project

branding development of for the Tourism company. Details

web creations

I develop visual concepts for websites and also act as web manager supervising trainees, designers and web designers. Details

Rio Dejavu project

This project was created from the monograph of master's degree in web design being selected secondly, in public competition, in the largest public incubator in Brazil, the Riocriativo. Details

Informative signage for VLT

This project consisted of the development of boards for reorganization of bus lines and implementation of the Light Rail Vehicle (VLT) for the 2016 Olympics games in Rio de Janeiro city.


I participated in the Permaculture Design Culture course where I was able to aprimorate more natural aspects of design and discover new materials and processes. Details

Desktop Publishing

Some desktop publishing projects in my carrer.

My life in companies and learning institutions:


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